Vasiliki Tofarou

Head Teacher

Mrs Vasiliki is a qualified Primary Teacher. In 2009 she received her bachelor in Education and 2 years later she finished her master’s degree in Special and Inclusive Education both at the University of Cyprus. For 7 years, she has successfully worked in one of Cyprus’s best English Schools and she specialised on children with autism. Since September 2016 she has been the Primary teacher for KS1, KS2 and GCSE at the Hellenic School of Manchester as well as a SEN Teaching Assistant at a Primary School. As of September 2019 until today, Vasiliki is the Head Teacher of the Hellenic School. As an educator, she takes pride being hard working, enthusiastic, caring and loving. Vasiliki is always seeking to develop professionally and she sets the development of the social skills and effective education of children.

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