Home School Agreement

Responsibilities of the School

The school will:

  • Ensure your child’s physical and social well being at all times, and to foster feelings of confidence, self-worth and belonging.
  • Make sure that all children and families are treated with respect and sensitivity.
  • Deliver a carefully planned curriculum, which reflects the educational programme set by the Cypriot and Greek Ministries of Education.
  • Establish consistent approaches for addressing behaviour issues when appropriate and ensure that parents and children are aware/familiar with these.
  • Ensure that parents are informed about the work planned for each term/academic year.
  • Ensure that homework tasks are given regularly and that these tasks are checked and marked by the teacher.
  • Keep the parents/carers informed of children’s progress and contact them if there are concerns about the child’s work or behaviour.
  • To actively welcome parents/carers into the life of the school and to ensure that teachers are available, by mutual arrangement, to discuss any concerns parents might have about their children.
  • Ensure that parents are informed about all school activities/events and meetings.

Responsibilities of the Parents/Carers

The parent/carer will:

  • Ensure that my child attends school regularly and on time, and that if my child is absent, to provide the school with a note of explanation.
  • Ensure that my child is collected promptly at the end of the school day. If alternative arrangements need to be made, I will notify the school in writing, in advance.
  • To work with the school to try and make sure that my child behaves well.
  • To support my child in his/her homework and make every effort to support my child’s learning at home. This includes encouraging and supporting my child to fully participate in school celebrations.
  • To attend school events and meetings when possible.
  • To ensure that my child has all the appropriate equipment for school.

Responsibilities of the Pupil

The pupil will:

  • To attend school regularly and on time.
  • To make sure that I take to school everything I need, such as books, stationery.
  • To complete my homework tasks to the best of my ability
  • Work hard and listen carefully to instructions.
  • Be polite and helpful to other children and adults (teachers, volunteers and committee members).
  • Take good care of the school environment.

This policy is based on the Home School Agreement provided by KEA.
Last reviewed: June 2021 – Next review: August 2023

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